Getting together

Events and Meetups

IPSA is committed to breaking the silence and stigma around intersex variations, and organises social meetups in the major capital cities periodically throughout the year. These meetups can be at restaurants, parks, or individual member’s homes. Meetups are a good chance for new members to get to know the local community, share knowledge and experiences, and talk about all things intersex.

Family picnics

IPSA organises two annual family intersex picnics in partnership with the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. The picnics alternate between being in a public park and within the hospital grounds. This means families can connect with other families with intersex kids in a setting that is comfortable.

The AIS Support Group Australia also helps to put people with AIS and intersex variations together with others in their local area, and can provide peer-to-peer support by email and/or phone. To start a life-changing conversation, simply contact us.

Annual Intersex Support Conference

Each year in spring, IPSA holds the national intersex peer support conference. The conference has been held almost every year since 1996 and is now a multi-day event held in a different location in each year. Previous conferences have been held in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, regional Victoria, regional Queensland and Auckland, NZ. The conference is a great opportunity to meet folks in person and features a curated program of speakers and activities that works towards:
- Sharing stories and experiences
- Developing affirmative body-talk
- Social understanding of intersex
- Promoting self-acceptance
- Disclosure skills
- Improving resilience
- Community referrals
- Intersex know-how
- Creating support networks
- Feeling warm-n-fuzzy​

Online groups

IPSA runs a secret facebook group for members. This group is a moderated safe space to share information, news and experiences with one another. To join the online peer support group email

Please note these online groups, meetings and conferences are conducted with respect for the privacy and confidentiality of our members. As such, further details of the conferences and attendance is strictly limited to members, supporters and invited guests only.

InterLink is...InterLink provides mental health and wellbeing services to people with innate variations of sex characteristics and their family members located anywhere in Australia.​We provide one-on-one and group counselling services for intersex people of any age and parents, carers or guardians of young people with an intersex variation.​InterLink’s group sessions have a brief, short-term format that is easy to engage with and helps people of all ages start having conversations about intersex bodies and any health or interpersonal issues with the support of trained mental health professionals and intersex peer workers.
Our team can also provide community care coordination, helping people get linked in with appropriate allied health and community-based services, advocacy and peer support groups.​ InterLink is about getting safely connected with knowledgeable counsellors, with other people with similar experiences, with peer support groups, and affirmative services.